Elastic Laces For Adults Business Men Leather Shoes By Coolnice® 10pcswaterproof Silicon Flat Elastic Shoelaces -Long Lasting Colour - Black 30mm


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FarbeB-round Shoelaces-30mm
  • Elastic stretch keeps your shoes on and comfortable without the need to tie or untie
  • Clean and Easy - Install effortlessly, resist stains, and wipe clean with incredible ease
  • Shoelace surface pattern with high simulation, making your shoes look more natural
  • Tested to last - extensively tested over 100,000 times and shown to last for nearly a decade of use, outlasting most shoes
  • Perfect for everyone, including kids, seniors, and sports enthusiasts. Fits the vast majority of shoes.

The world's first no-tie silicone shoelace!

coolnice laces are the world's first no-tie silicone shoelace which provides an easy-to-use, comfortable & stylish addition to any shoe!

the food-grade silicone used is flexible & durable. It's gripping properties allow it to bear tension & stay in place so that the laces don't come loose from the eye holes.

silicone shoelaces are waterproof & don't get wet in the rain or snow. When they get dirty, simply wipe them off with a wet cloth & they will look brand new! Easy to install & don't need to be tied & untied ever.

flexibility allows it to adjust to your size for a comfortable fit.

isn't it time to toss out strings?

change out your strings for coolnice laces & you'll notice a huge difference immediately in comfort, convenience, & style.

shoelaces with different sizes for to choose from

coolnice will provide a comfortable fit for most size business men & women & can be arranged in different patterns to suit your style.


Business Men & Women Leather Shoes

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